Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"As if you have been inspired by us by writing the novel..." Says a German poetess

Silke Liria Blumbach, a German poetess, translator, blogger writes a few lines after reading my novel The Dark Abode. I want to share her words with my readers:

"As if you have been inspired by us by writing the novel...

You understand what few people understand: that a very deep love can exist between people who have never met in person.

After browsing the book, I have the impression that people reduce your writing unjustly to the mere aspect of sexuality, whereas you write about love and life in its fullness. Maybe you write about sexuality in a way it has never been written about before by an Indian woman, it may even be a kind of mission, probably it is also a great deal of sensationalism, but it is a reduction, and I can imagine that this reduction distorts also the image people may have of you and that this is not easy especially in Indian society.

"Yet she could feel his presence every moment." - EXACTLY.

We have experienced so many things, and verified them empirically (e.g. by checking the time), which cannot be explained by science.

I wonder whether you or a relative or friend of you has already experienced such a love - your writing describes it all so exactly that it is hard to imagine that all these true, significative and characteristic details come only from your imagination."

Details of Book: The Dark AbodeBook: The Dark Abode

Author: Dr. Sarojini Sahoo

Language: English

Translator: Mahendra Kumar Dash

ISBN: 8190695622

ISBN-13: 9788190695626, 978-8190695626

Binding: Paperback

Publishing Date:07.10.2008

Publisher: Indian Age Communication
Number of Pages: 174

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