Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sarojini Sahoo in Odisha TV

A distinguished bilingual South Asian feminist writer, and an associate editor , a feature oriented English journal Indian AGE, who has been enlisted among 25 Exceptional Women of India by 'Kindle' English magazine of Kolkata and has been conferred with the Orissa Sahitya Academy Award, 1993, the Jhankar Award, 1992, the Bhubaneswar Book Fair Award and the Prajatantra Award. She is also in the advisory board of Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literature; published from the English Department of Newman College, Thodupuzah, Kerala.

In English ,one novel and two anthologies of short stories have been published to her credit so far . Bengali translation of two of her novels have been published from Bangladesh and in Oriya ,there are eight short stories collections and eight novels in published form to her credit.

She is also a known blogger for her ideas in feminism and has gained world wide fame. Her Blogs are SENSE & SENSUALITY, FEMININE-FRAGRANCE and INDIA

Source: You Tube.

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  1. Men and women are different. Thank God. However, although I enjoy the differences, I struggle with them as a writer when I attempt to create female characters in my stories. I imagine that a female author must struggle similarly to create believable male characters. However, it is a testament to our art that we may both succeed.

    Neither male nor female is either wholly a rational or emotional being. The impulses of both genders are tempered by rational consideration and even their most profound considerations are tempered by their emotions.

    If there is a difference, it arises from cultural mandates on men to suppress displays of their emotions. The strength of these imperatives varying from one culture to another. Generally, there are fewer such imperatives on female displays of emotions, though even these exist.

    All this being said, I cannot see nor appreciate any judgment in the quality of men and women nor anything supporting a difference in the quality of their work, artistic output, or endeavors. Indeed, I believe that my country, the U.S., has benefited greatly by making equality of opportunity between the sexes more equal than at any other place or time in history.

    I believe that those men who disagree with me fear women. They lash out in fear. They subjugate women out of that fear. I'm sure that they don't like to hear that but, too bad, I don't fear them.